Vinyl Fencing

If you’re looking for a fence that is easy to maintain, weather resistant and can add beauty and value to your home for years to come then a vinyl fence could be your solution. Vinyl fence, also commonly known as PVC, is nearly five times as strong as a standard wood fence and, when installed using our “High Wind Resistance” package (available upon request), can still be a good choice for areas that have heavy winds and extreme weather conditions.

Vinyl fences are also preferable over wood for pet owners as it is more durable and pets are less likely to be able to chew through its exterior. Browse the brochures to see our selection of styles and colors then follow the link above to get an instant free estimate. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please call us at: 304-842-4143 today!

Styles Available:
  • Privacy
  • Semi-Privacy
  • ​Picket
  • Pool
  • Board (Horse) Fence
  • ​Cross Buck

Ornamental Fencing

Contact the Dan Neel Fence team today at 304-842-4143 we would be glad to assist you.

Wood Fencing

There are many uses for fences: some use them for privacy, safety for their children, to lock away pets, avoid nosy neighbors, or to prevent people from entering your property unwanted. But the right fence can add charm and personality to a home.

Wood fences go back 400 plus years as the oldest form of privacy or protection. With thousands of styles to choose from and its ability to be crafted into a custom design, you are sure to love your new addition. If you are looking for a fence that fits your lifestyle whatever it may be, we have the solution for you! Contact our professionals today at 304-842-4143 to discuss your wooden fence options!

Wood Fence:
  • Picket
  • Split Rail
  • Arch Picket
  • Privacy Arched
  • Scallop Picket
  • Shadowbox
  • Cross Buck
  • Privacy & Semi-Privacy
  • Board Fencing
Materials Available:
  • Pressure Treated Pine
  • Cedar